Public Worship

Rather to our surprise, we discovered this week that the government has included public worship as one of those activities exempted from the ‘stay-at-home’ order. This is a marked change from the two previous lockdowns, and indicates that the government now views public worship as ‘low-risk’ and arguably an essential activity (discuss!). This is credit to the care that we and places of worship all across the country have taken to ensure that our premises are as Covid-secure as possible.

However, the Directors of Public Health in Lancashire have today issued a letter in which they ‘strongly advise all faith communities to pause communal prayer and worship during the lockdown period, to reduce the possible spread of the new Covid variant.’

In view of the rising case numbers across the county, and in the light of this clear request from the Directors of Public Health in Lancashire, we have taken the decision to cease our offers of public in-person worship, as well as other face-to-face midweek activities, while still offering the opportunity to come to church for private prayer. Our online presence remains a key priority, and if you haven’t yet engaged regularly with our YouTube services, we would encourage you to do so at the start of this New Year. 

Pauline Joslin, 11/01/2021