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Welcome to our Half Term Heroes page!

If you haven't already, you can watch Half Term Heroes on our St Thomas' Lancaster YouTube Channel. These videos will be released on Tuesday 26th May and Thursday 28th May at 10am. 

Our stories this week are about Moses and Joshua.  Here are some fun activities which are related to the stories.  We hope you have a fantastic half term!

Explore Moses New Explore Joshua NEW
Activities to explore the story of Moses Activities to explore the story of Joshua
Plate of Food new image  Trumpet New Image
Create your favourite meal   Make a joyful noise with this trumpet!
Cracker Eating Image  Lego Jelly challenge 
Who can eat two crackers the fastest?
(No water allowed!)
Who can collect 15 Lego pieces from jelly the fastest....with their feet?
(You don't need to use jelly. There are lots of option's including water!)
Bread New Image Building activities New image
Have a go baking some bread. you can get the recipe off the internet or use a packet mix that only needs water.
Hopefully you will be more successful than Emma!
Create your own Jericho. You could retell the story using stop motion animation.
Build a tower - How high can you build?