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Bible for the Summer Leaflet to download

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This is Nicky Gumbel’s 30 Day Bible reading plan. It is a great, accessible way to explore key themes in the Bible. The readings themselves should take 5-10 minutes – a plan that you could do at the bus stop! If you’d like to read further into each passage, Nicky Gumbel’s book, 30 Days, contains reflections on each reading and is available at very reasonable prices.

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This is Zondervan’s 90 Day Bible reading plan that aims to give the reader a sound orientation in key Biblical themes. The readings themselves should take 10-15 minutes – a plan to do over a cup of tea! Being 90 days long, a disciplined plan of when to read will aid the probability of success. Do also find a friend at church to discuss the plan with!


Not for the faint of heart, this custom-made Bible reading plan takes the brave reader through the entire Bible over the course of 90 days. The reader will find themselves immersed in Scripture, seeing links and themes they haven’t seen before, while occasionally feeling overwhelmed at the sheer quantity of information. Never fear! The point is not to take everything in, but to read the Bible seriously and thoroughly in a completely different way to normal. The readings themselves should take 40-60 minutes – a plan to do in chunks throughout the day, during a quiet hour in the morning, or before sleep last thing at night. Initially intimidating, this plan lasts approximately the same time as an episode of Downton Abbey each day. If only Mary Crawley had made time for it, perhaps her escapades would have been fewer. Alas!