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Nadine has sent a study guide to be used as a follow on from the sermon on the 27th September 2020. Download the study guide from Nadine.



Following Jesus where the need is greatest

Working with local churches to unlock people’s potential and helping them to discover that the answer to poverty is within themselves.

When disaster strikes we respond immediately 

Tearfund is a Christian relief organisation which helps to alleviate suffering and poverty alongside bringing the good news of Jesus by working predominantly with established churches across many parts of the world. Through working with churches the needs of individual communities can be identified.  Tearfund can then respond by providing the necessary support and resources.
Tearfund is one of the ten DEC charities who are ready to respond to world disasters immediately. 

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St Thomas church has been supporting Tearfund for over 30 years, also many in the congregation take a personal interest in the work of Tearfund.
Every year around harvest, St Thomas church sets aside a Sunday when all the services focus on the work of Tearfund. This usually involves having a guest speaker who will have first-hand knowledge of the work they are currently involved with. All collections from the services go towards supporting the work they do.

The work of tear fund is multi-faceted, both in terms of what they do and where they work so for more information please see their web site at