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Café church was launched in January 2014, to offer a safe, neutral, non-church place in the town centre where everyone can feel comfortable in familiar surroundings, doing familiar things (sitting, chatting and drinking).

It is led by a team of seven who share a vision of re-imagining church in a way that is relevant for people today. Our objective is to reach out to people of all faiths and none, and seek to engage with them in a way that is relevant, welcoming, and thought-provoking. The ultimate aim is to help them better understand what Christians believe, why they believe it, and how their faith can inform all aspects of their lives, but our approach is anything but “hard-sell”.

It takes the form of a monthly gathering in Esquires coffee house in Lancaster city centre on the second Tuesday of each month 7-8 pm. Entry is free and everyone is offered a free hot or cold drink of their choice
We have interesting and wide-ranging led conversations inspired by clips from well-known films. We discuss contemporary issues of life, meaning, purpose, faith and spirituality - hence the name TALK-ABOUT - with others who are trying to work out the significance of their own faith and spirituality in today’s world, while coming into contact with an honest and coherent presentation of the Christian faith in the context of that discussion. Everyone who comes along is encouraged to join the discussion, share their views, hear the views of others, and hopefully go away afterwards better informed. It is non-churchy and non-denominational, and suitable for people from all faith traditions or none.

Our strapline is Join us on the journey because the idea of journey is important in several ways:

  • for all of us: life is a journey of discovery, and we can learn from one another along the way
  • for the leaders: café church is a journey into the unknown, and we expect to be challenged and grow through the process
  • for enquirers and seekers: the opportunity to discuss and explore faith issues with others might help them make up their own minds in their own time
  • for the curious: the opportunity to engage in open discussions of the big issues of the day with people who hold different views and opinions, which should help them become better informed about and better appreciate different perspectives and value systems.

Find out more about what we do and how we do it, read about past café church gatherings and what we discussed, and get up-to-date information on our programme (dates, themes, film clips), at our blog - To contact us you can email us at

Cafe Church is not currently active