Men's Ministry 

STAG [St.Thomas's All Guys]

STAG is the name of men's ministry at St.Thomas'.  We provide regular community-building opportunities for men, often around food.  In fact, we launched our men's ministry in it's current format by having a monthly 'men's curry house challenge' where we spent time together over a meal at 12 curry houses [one a month] in Lancaster and Morecambe in 2014.  

Alongside the regular community-building experiences, we encourage men to actively engage in  discipleship.  This might be one-to-one mentoring, prayer triplets, running mates or it might be home groups or missional groups. We have events such as an in-house cricket matches, a meals out, and best of all combing two great male passions - fire and meat with a BBQs and bonfires. 
Here is the Program for 2018