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 25th May – 4th June

The Archbishops of Canterbury and York have invited Christians around the world ‘to pray as one for people to know Jesus Christ.’  They are anticipating that nearly 100 million Christians worldwide will be praying together between 25 May – 4th June 2017.  

1.    Open Church.  

St Thomas’ Church will be open daily for quiet reflective prayer between 12-2pm on weekdays between Thursday 25th – Sat 27th May, and Monday 29th May – Sat 3rd June.  On Wednesday 31st May, there will be a simple communion service from 12-12.45pm which you are welcome to join.  Each day, there will be prayer stations available, and resources for children to use too, so if you are free, do join us to pray.  

2.    Prayer on Sundays

We will join in praying for people to know Jesus Christ throughout our Sunday services on Sunday 28th May and on Pentecost Sunday 4th June.  

3.    Prayer for persecuted Christians

On Friday 2nd June, we will be hosting an evening of prayer for persecuted Christians, in support of Christian Solidarity Worldwide and Release International.  Arrive from 7 for 7.30pm start, in the main church.  


For more information, and lots of creative prayer ideas, visit the website: