Building for Mission


Following a year of preparation by the BFM team, the PCC expressed its unanimous support on 19th September 2016 for an exciting but costly set of plans for our buildings, which we believe are necessary for the future of St Thomas’ Church. If this project is to happen, it will need the involvement and sacrificial generosity of the whole church.


BFM Vision Sessions

Many thanks to all church members who attended one of the 13 BFM Vision Sessions between October and December 2016, and for your very helpful input into shaping the future of this project.

If you missed the BFM Vision Sessions, or want to see how the presentation developed during the course of the autumn, the latest version is available to download - BFM Vision Session, Autumn 2016, along with an audio recording of one of the sessions: Building for Mission Vision Session Audio Recording

The feedback summary from these sessions is available here.

Latest Plans

The BFM Planning team has now incorporated the feedback we’ve received, and has produced an adapted set of plans. These plans were unanimously agreed by the PCC on 9 January 2017, and presented to the church at the BFM Open Meeting on 11th January 2017. If you missed that presentation, click here to listen to the audio recording, or click here to view the presentation, including the latest set of plans and 3D visuals.

BFM Giving Pledges

We are now inviting giving pledges towards the Building for Mission project. Our pledge day to launch the giving campaign is Sunday 29th January 2017, though pledges will be welcomed both before and after that date. thumbnailNE Perspective

►To view a copy of the Giving Brochure, click here

►To view a copy of the BFM financial insert for the Giving Brochure, click here

►To download a copy of the pledge form, click here


Lottery Funding

As part of our preparations for the BFM project, the PCC has asked for a briefing paper on Lottery Funding.  This is available to download from the church website, here.  We will hold an open discussion at the APCM on Sunday 23rd April (1pm start), and invite the anonymous response forms included within the briefing to be returned to the church office by Mon 15th May.  

Thanks so much for your interest in our building plans, and we are grateful for your support and prayers.